Mountune Classic Engines division launched

Reborn Essex tuner expands business to encompass more twin-cam loveliness

By Sam Sheehan / Wednesday, March 17, 2021 / Loading comments

Bouncing back from the uncertainty it faced last year and following acquisition by David Mountain, its original founder, Mountune has announced the launch of a new division that will specialise in classic car engines. The aptly named Mountune Classic Engines will offer historic racer builds, component design services and also restoration work, adding to Mountune’s existing portfolio of motorsport and tuned products.

“Whilst our reputation has been forged on the back of designing and building race-winning engines incorporating the latest technology and principles, it’s easy to forget that we’ve also been developing and building a wide variety of customer engines to the highest level for over 40 years, which means we have built up a vast wealth of knowledge that can be applied to almost any application”, said Mountain. “Our new Mountune Classic Engines offering is primarily aimed at the Ford engine’s, which we have a huge amount of experience with, but we can also work on a number of other marques, whether it be a classic Jaguar XK or a Ferrari.”

Mountain reckons the new division is essentially equipped to take on pretty much historic or classic project. It benefits from the company’s longstanding expertise in Ford motors, including XFlow, twin-cam and BDA, as well as BDT and “the infamous” YB used by Cosworth, so it seems likely that most customers will hail from the fast Ford world. But clearly the ambition is for a more diverse supply of customer work. As you’d expect, MCE has a full engine dyno test that can be used by customers and companies “looking for the exclusive use of engine dyno facilities” alike.

Mountune’s existing motorsport and road car parts divisions are still running, including the original Ford specialist, as well as the VW Group-focused Mountune52, which launched in 2019. Thanks to the VW Group’s ubiquitous use of common parts and platforms, the offshoot obviously presents the firm with ample opportunity to expand its aftermarket presence. Plainly, Mountune Classics Engines is another useful string to its bow.

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