How Bahrain F1 crash showed warrior mentality hasn’t gone away

OPINION: Romain Grosjean’s Bahrain crash brought back uncomfortable memories for Formula 1, but the mental strength of the shocked drivers to carry on was no less than their predecessors in times before social media and TV replays…

Most of the world saw the images of Romain Grosjean’s horrendous crash last weekend in Bahrain spread across the front pages of newspapers and on their TV screens.

Most of those in pitlane were shown, after a delay in which it was established that Grosjean was sitting safely in the back of the medical car, replay after replay of the accident from all angles, including from the helicopter above. The important image that finally emerged was that of Grosjean being able to extract himself from the blazing cockpit, aided by the FIA Doctor Ian Roberts, which was greeted by applause and relief from the watching team members.

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