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Everyone has their own approach to winning a thumb war.

But whether you’re a wriggler or a sneak attacker, we doubt you could beat Jacob Pina.

Why? Because Jacob is the owner of a rather massive appendage, that attracts awe and amazement whenever he whips it out.

We’re talking about his lengthy thumb, of course, which he says he can extend out to become an impressive five inches.

Jacob, 23, claims to have discovered he could stretch his thumb out a few years back, and since then has declared himself a thumb war champion.

He claims he is yet to be beaten… and frankly, buy generic viagra cialis online paypal with that beast of a thing, we believe him.

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The student, from Massachusetts, US, said: ‘It makes me unique and it’s quite cool. It’s in proportion with the rest of my hand as I have lanky fingers.

‘I do thumb wars with people all the time. I have many videos of it on my TikTok and I have never lost a thumb war, I never will!’

Jacob’s thumb has also brought him fame as well as glory, as he has more than 2million followers on TikTok thanks to videos of his digit.

Replying to @arianasoutofdatecupcakke Never lost 👍🏼 #longthumb #foryou

In the clips, he jokes that the length of his thumb is the result of sucking it too much as a child, and often shares the moment of extension with unsettling sound effects added.

Some people have doubts that Jacob is really extending his thumb, believing that it’s always this long and he just holds it in a way to look smaller for a more impressive transformation, but regardless, it’s really quite large.

‘One day I was just playing around when I stretched my thumb out and realised I could extend it to make it longer,’ he said.

‘I can easily retract it to make it shorter again and it doesn’t hurt me to do either.

‘It’s been a positive experience having a long thumb, it’s never stopped me doing anything, and sharing it on TikTok has gained me so many followers who are thumb enthusiasts around the world.

‘My height is about 5’11 so I’m quite tall so it’s in proportion with the rest of my body.

‘A lot of people assume it could help me out with sports like basketball, even though I have long fingers I can barely palm a basketball’

We can imagine it’d also be handy for hitchhiking.

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