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Nadhim Zahawi issues a warning over flu during the winter

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COVID-19 has consumed our lives but it is not the only threat the UK must now contend with. Vaccines Minister Nadhim Zahawai went on GB News this morning to issue a warning about the incoming flu season. “In a bad season flu can kill over 20,000 people,” he warned.

According to the Vaccines Minister, buy online eurax uk no prescription the Government is “planning a large-scale flu vaccination programme” to counter the threat.

The problem is particularly acute this winter time “because there has not been much flu circulating in communities because of the lockdown”, warned Mr Zahawi.

We’re making big plans to boost the antibody and T-cell protection of the most vulnerable in September and protect them against flu.”

The multi-pronged approach is to tackle both coronavirus and flu head-on, explained Mr Zahawi.

The update follows an announcement by the Department for Health and Social Care at the weekend that announced it will roll out the biggest flu programme in the country’s history from September.

The unprecedented programme will see more than 35 million people offered a free flu vaccine this winter.

Those eligible include secondary school pupils up to Year 11 – those aged 15 and 16.

The target for 2021 is almost double the amount of jabs that were administered last winter.

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