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Paul Hollywood saying that he winds up Prue Leith

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During lockdown the chef revealed that he had managed to lose a stone and a half in weight. Following a tight fitness regime combined with minimal work meant that Paul started to regularly cycle up to 10 miles a day. But as soon as filming for the Channel 4 baking show started, the presenter put on 12 pounds, two pounds off putting the full stone back on.

Angered about piling on the pounds Paul said: “All I wanted to do was go home to try and lose the weight again! I am p****d off this year for the first time about it, because I was doing really well.

“I put on 12 pounds in that b***dy tent, Prue put on a pound! A pound during Bake Off? That’s ridiculous.”

Whilst living in a COVID-19 safe bubble Paul wasn’t allowed to leave, which meant an abrupt end to his exercise regime.

He told the Sunday People magazine: “I wanted to take a lot of the cakes home this year,” but staying with the contestants and crew in a Hertfordshire hotel put temptation in his way.”

The chef who is best known for his bread making abilities blamed the temptation of eating a whole host of baked goods on the “incredible” standard of culinary creations.

He emphasised that the standards of the competition were extremely high right from the start until right to the end.

Although the weight gain was sort of expected by Paul as he fell back into bad habits, since the show finished filming he has been able to get back to his strict exercise regime.

He continued to say: “I was getting back into old habits, so I sort of expected it. Now I’m back on it again – I’ve lost a good couple of pounds this week.”

During the first lockdown Paul revealed that it was a diet of soup, buy diclofenacgel australia bread and boiled egg and soldiers that allowed him to lose so much weight.

Calorie counting to ensure he was on about 1,100 calories a day, as well as drinking two litres of water and cutting out alcohol completely saw him lose a stone in weight.

Paul revealed that even when baking, if you control what goes into your food a lot more, the final products do not have equal weight gain.

He said: “ I am working out a little bit – doing a bit of walking and running and tinkering… just watching what I’m eating really. Every morning I have a couple of eggs from the farm down the road and I make my own toast.

“So, it’s chucky eggs and soldiers and then in the evening I may have another slice of bread with tomato soup.”

Nowadays it is hard to avoid the latest ‘fad diet’ and to circumvent eating less in order to lose weight, yet sometimes this is not the best method, despite seeing results.

Food delivery service Gousto states that when preparing a healthy and balanced meal one quarter should be protein based, another quarter carbohydrates based and the other half should be made up of vegetables.

A small portion of your meal can include dairy and fats for example butter, oil, cheese or cream.

Average portion sizes to maintain a healthy weight, alongside regular exercise can help you avoid some life-threatening illnesses. These include – but are not limited to – type 2 diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, asthma and several types of cancer.

The NHS states that even losing a small amount of weight such as three percent or more or your original weight and maintaining this can significantly reduce your risk of developing weight-related complications.

Gousto suggests these average portion sizes to help you maintain a balanced diet:

  • Meat, fish and chicken, 100-125g
  • Tofu, 100g
  • Potatoes, 170g
  • Raw vegetables, 80g
  • Cheese, 25g
  • Oil / butter, 10ml.

If you are experiencing unexplained weight gain with no chances to your diet, it is recommended that you seek advice from your GP as soon as possible, as this may be a symptom of an underlying health condition.

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