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Throwback baby names are more popular than ever, but we think it’s time to throw it way back — to a time before the West was won. If you want to capture that rugged American spirit in your little dude, you’ll likely get a kick out of these Western monikers inspired by notable outlaws and heroes.

Western-sounding baby boy names can be heard throughout history — many from the American Old West or Wild West (a period that generally took place during the second half of the 19th century) are those of famous or infamous outlaws and the sheriffs who sought to capture them. On this list you’ll find the names (first or last) of historical brothers Frank and Jesse James, ashwagandha ginseng indiano who were outlaws from Missouri and the Earps (Morgan, Wyatt and Virgil), who were legendary lawmen from Arizona, along with Butch Cassidy, a notable member of the “Wild Bunch,” a group of cowboy criminals who robbed trains and banks in the late 1800s.

Other names compiled below come from Western tales in radio, film and literature — depicted by popular actors such as John Wayne and Gary Cooper, fiction writers like Louis L’Amour and film character Ranger Reid, also known as “The Lone Ranger.”

So dust off those spurred boots, pop on a cowboy hat, grab that lasso, and saddle up your horse: you’re in for a fun and bumpy ride with these Western-style names. Just don’t be surprised if your little rascal lives up to his reputation.

Western baby boy names & their meanings

  • Alonzo: Eager for battle
  • Austin: Majestic, venerable
  • Bart: From the barley farm
  • Birch: Bright, shining
  • Bill: Resolute protector
  • Bo: Commanding
  • Boone: Good, a blessing
  • Butch: Butcher
  • Carson: Son who lives in the swamp
  • Cassidy: Clever
  • Clay: Clay maker, mortal
  • Clayton: Settlement, place name, clay town
  • Clint: Settlement on a hill
  • Cole: Victory, of a triumphant people
  • Coleman: Dove
  • Colt: From the dark town
  • Cooper: Barrel maker
  • Dallas: Wise, dwells by the waterfall
  • Earle: Noble leader, chief
  • Flynn: Son of a red-haired man
  • Ford: River crossing
  • Frank: Frenchman or free one
  • Gary: Spear, modest and brave
  • Harry: Home protector
  • Henry: Home ruler
  • Holt: By the forest
  • Ike: Laughter
  • Lawrence: Fierce
  • Levi: Attached or pledged, associated with him
  • Logan: Finnian’s servant
  • Louis: Famous fighter, famous in Washington
  • Luke: Light
  • James: Supplanter
  • Jesse: Gift
  • John: The grace or mercy of the Lord
  • Morgan: Dwells near the sea
  • Porter: Gatekeeper
  • Ranger: Ward of the forest
  • Reid: Red-haired
  • Reuben: The vision of the son
  • Sam: Sun child
  • Shane: Gift from God
  • Tom: Twin
  • Virgil: Flourishing
  • Wayne: Craftsman, wagon driver
  • Wesley: From the west meadow
  • West  (or Weston): West town
  • Wyatt: Guide

A version of this article was originally published in January 2013.

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