Will my UK driving licence be valid in Europe after Brexit deal?

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Brexit talks have finished and a deal has finally been struck between the UK and the EU, with just days to go until the end of the transition period. A number of changes will come into force from January 1, when the UK leaves the bloc’s rules for good.

A deal was struck on Christmas Eve, with a no-deal Brexit narrowly avoided with a matter of days to go.

Ties will officially be cut with the EU on December 31 at 11pm GMT and a slew of new rules will come into place, not just when it comes to driving and holidays abroad.

Holidays abroad will be affected by the new rules, with UK travellers only allowed to spend 90 days in any 180 day period on the continent without getting a visa.

Many Brits enjoy driving holidays on the continent, so will be wondering what the new rules mean for them.

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Will my UK driving licence be valid in Europe after Brexit deal?

Yes – your driving licence will be valid in EU countries from the new year onward.

However, several other changes will be attached to taking your car to Europe, or for hiring a car when you get to your destination.

From January 1, many EU countries will need you to get an International Driving Permit.

The driving permit costs £5.50 at your local Post Office.

An IDP is basically an official, multi-language translation of your driving licence.

There are three types of IDP:
• 1926
• 1949
• 1968

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The IDP you need depends on what country you’re visiting.

If you’re travelling through more than one country on your trip, you might need more than one type of IDP.

The Gov.UK website has a full list of what countries require what type of IDP.

If you’re hiring a car, check with your car hire company.

You must carry this with your licence whenever you are using your car – it cannot replace your licence.

You will also have to apply for a ‘green card’ to prove you have the right car insurance.

This acts as proof of a UK based insurance agreement and ensures you will receive cover when travelling abroad if this is a feature of your agreement.

However, drivers need to apply for green cards themselves by contacting their provider – and this possibly takes up to six weeks.

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