Watch Tesla Model Y Crush Dodge Challenger Hellcat Redeye In Four Drag Races

Can the electric crossover beat a car designed specifically to win in drag races? You bet it can.

This video features a Tesla Model Y Performance versus a Dodge Challenger Hellcat in a series of four drag races. Does the electric crossover have what it takes to pull off the win? Let’s watch to find out.

We’ve seen countless races featuring a Tesla Model S taking down the Challenger Hellcat and have even witnessed a Model 3 Performance beating the Hellcat on multiple occasions. However, both of those Teslas are far more performance-oriented than the crossover Model Y, but can it too beat the Challenger Hellcat?

The odds are certainly not in favor of the Model Y winning, but anything can happen at the strip. This particular video features four races between the two cars. As it turns out, the amazing off-the-line launch of the Tesla Model Y catapults it to victory in four straight races. it turns out that traction is a big issue with the Challenger Hellcat Redeye and if it doesn’t get a perfect launch off of the line, then it simply can’t reel in the Teslas massive lead.

As The Fast Lane Car states:

The 797 horsepower Dodge Challenger Hellcat Redeye is built from the ground up as a drag strip monster. But can it keep its crown against an electric car like the brand new Tesla Model Y Performance? Only one way to find out!

We were honestly surprised to see the Model Y win all fours time. It’s very clear from the video that lack of traction at launch hinders the Challenger big time. However, we expected it to catch up to the Model Y in at least a race or two, but that didn’t happen.

Watch the video of the Model Y taking down the drag strip-designed Hellcat Redeye on numerous occasions.

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