Watch Tesla Model 3 Performance Take On 1,200 HP Nissan GT-R In Drag Race

The poor Nissan could only do two runs before heat issues took it out, but the second run was a close one.

This Tesla Model 3 Performance crushes the Nissan GT-R in race one, but when the GT-R switches over to its race tune, the battle is much closer.

Just the other day, we featured a video showing a Tesla Model 3 taking down a new Chevy Corvette C8 and now we’ve got video of the Model 3 beating an even stronger competitor in a drag race.

It seems the instant torque off of the line and the Model 3’s advanced all-wheel-drive system give it an edge over vehicles it shouldn’t be able to beat at the strip and this edge often means that the Model 3 wins even when challenger outpower it.

Before diving into some of the race details from this video, let us start off by pointing out that this Model 3 Performance had completed some 20 runs down the drag strip in a single night. That’s quite astonishing actually. However, the same can’t be said of the Nissan GT-R. It made just 2 passes before the heat became an issue and forced it off of the strip.

What you’ll see in the video above is that in race 1, with the Nissan GT-R set for its street tune, the Model 3 absolutely obliterates it. In race 2, with the GT-R set at it race tune, the Model 3 Performance still gets a huge jump off of the line and stays in the lead until…just watch the clip to see the result.

Some additional info via the uploader of the video:

Tesla Model 3 Performance racing a badass GTR! We did 2 races. After the first race, the GTR driver checked his data logs and realized he was running on his street tune. The second race he made sure to put it on his race tune but had some mechanical issues at the end of the run.

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