Watch Electric Porsche Taycan Drag Race BMW M8 Gran Coupe Competition

It’s an epic luxury performance car matchup: electric versus gas, of course.

Tesla has proven for years that electric cars can be every bit as good as gas cars, if not much better in every way. It’s not just about the instant all-electric torque and blazing acceleration, but that metric certainly puts an impression on many an automotive aficionado.

Porsche has finally come to market with its first fully electric car – the Taycan. It certainly didn’t skimp as it released a pricey, high-performance beast that’s arguably up there with the iconic 911 on many levels, not to mention the first production electric car in the world that can even touch the ludicrous acceleration of the Tesla Model S. 

Motorsport Magazine pits the all-electric dual-motor all-wheel-drive Porsche Taycan against the legendary gas-powered BMW M8 Gran Coupe in its Competition trim level.

As you can clearly see in the video, this race is no contest despite the Bimmer’s prowess. The Taycan’s instant torque allows it to leap ahead at the beginning, which makes it impossible for the M8 Competition to live up to its name. Honestly, there’s no competition here.

The only competition the BMW wins here is on price, though both cars will drain your bank account. The Porsche Taycan Turbo S starts north of $185,000, while the M8 Gran Coupe Competition carries a starting price of $143,000.

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