Watch Amazing Rivian R1T Demo: First Mile R1T Preview In Sonoma

On November 5, Rivian launched its First Mile R1T Preview event with R1T electric pickups at Sonoma Raceway in Sonoma, California, which will run until November 21.

The presentation includes demo rides around an on-road and off-road course and an overview of the vehicle’s interior, features and accessories (including tent). We saw around 10 R1Ts at the site.

The video above was shared by defcon888, and it gives us glimpses of the Rivian R1T (a pre-production unit) experience.

Driving starts with a little bit of gravel driving, regenerative braking demo, acceleration and handling demo.

The 0-60 mph acceleration can be seen at around 4.00. On a flat road, it should be around 3 seconds, which is an exceptionally high value for an off-road capable pickup. Then we can see a little bit of regenerative braking driving on a downhill.

Around 6:00, the car switches to an off-road mode. The suspension is raised and the driver has turned on the front view camera.

In the comment section, the author of the video wrote:

“Acceleration and handling was pure amazing! Very planted at high speeds on loose dirt/gravel. Rivian fit and finish is definitely very advanced and upscale compared to our Jeeps.

Though, I need to ride along on a moderate to hard trail and compare it to a Rubi in hard flex situations. We got ours ultimately because of solid axle, sway disconnects, and lockers, and need to experience the difference before we would decide to let go.”

More videos from other users already emerged too. Here is a view from the cabin on the downhill with the use of the front-view camera:

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