Watch 1,888 Horsepower Rimac C_Two Electric Hypercar Go Sideways

Even though it will be all-wheel drive, the C_Two will apparently be a bit of a drift monster.

In the latest video building up hype for the eventual launch of the Rimac C_Two, we are shown the car going sideways, with the promise that it will be a very controllable car for those who enjoy drifting. The video shows the team behind the car talking about implementing torque vectoring, but they decide to show what the car can do without it and the task falls upon the shoulders of the company’s test driver.

As the disclaimer in the bottom part of the frame shows, the car shown in the video with its back tires lit and billowing smoke, has no driver aids on. This means the production version will have electronic nannies, but that you will be able to fully disable them and do mad slides like the one in the video.

Sadly, most of the video is dedicated to the chat the folks at Rimac have about torque vectoring and too little runtime is allocated to the actual drifting part. But it does do the job of building just a bit more hype for the upcoming C_Two, a car whose combined output is 1,888 horsepower and 2,300 Nm (1,696 pound-feet), with a claimed naught to sixty time of under 2 seconds and a top speed of 412 km/h (258 mph).

And it won’t be a short range EV – with a planned 120 kWh battery pack, it’s expected to have a WLTP range of 550 km (342 miles). It should also be grippy and civilized when you want it to, thanks to a full suite of electronic aids and all-wheel drive.

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