Tyre failures up by three percent in 2020 as millions risk £2,500 fine and penalty points

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Data from Evans Halshaw has revealed up to 8.5 million motorists could be driving with illegal tyres, raising fears on the state of road safety in the UK. The data comes after thousands of drivers were left with no option but to delay their MOT tests and car services due to a garage shutdown over the summer.

Residents of Stockport were found to have the highest failure rate in the UK with almost 40 percent of all drivers suffering from tyre-related issues.

Bury was found to have the second-highest failure rate with almost 37 percent of all road users suffering critical safety issues.

Just over 36 percent of road users suffered issues in Portsmouth while Banbury and Manchester were also high offenders.

More than one-third of drivers suffered issues in Leicester while Preston, Motherwell and Plymouth all recorded failure rates at over 32 percent

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Michael Hunt, Group Head of Aftersales at Evans Halshaw said: “Our study has demonstrated just how common illegal tyres are in the UK.

“Revealing that one in four drivers are potentially on the roads with a safety-critical tyre each day.

“In particular, residents in the North West of England should check their tyres regularly as locations in this region feature dominantly in the top 10 places with the highest failure rates.

“The data also highlights the importance of inspecting your vehicle on a regular basis.

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“Look for any cuts, cracks and bulges and then make sure there is plenty of tread on the tyres.”

Analysing almost 400,000 car services over the past 21 months, Evans Halshaw has revealed on average 26 percent of UK motorists fail with an illegal tyre.

With the maximum penalty being £2,500, drivers are charged an average of £21billion on simple tyre glitches.

However, drivers could face higher penalties with an extra £2,500 fine and three penalty points handed out for each tyre which is considered to be dangerous.

This means road users could conceivably be issued fines of up to £10,000 and 12 points on their licence in one go.

Mr Hunt urged drivers to book in their car for “regular health checks” to minimise safety concerns.

He added drivers may be able to avoid issues with some simple maintenance and could even drive down other running costs in the process.

He said: “As our report shows, driving on an illegal or defective tyre could lead you to be fined up to £2,500 and three penalty points on your licence.

“By simply carrying out some quick tyre checks you can help to reduce your fuel bills and emissions, extend the life of your tyres, as well as ensuring that your vehicle can perform properly and safely.

“We also recommend booking your vehicle in for regular health checks which can identify other potential safety issues.”

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