This 1-of-1 Chevy Corvette Z06 NFT Comes With an Actual 1-of-1 Z06, Too

Not sure about the whole non-fungible token (NFT) game? That’s okay, the blockchain-supported technology, which allows for the exclusive ownership of one-of-a-kind digital entities (which can be artworks, collectibles, or other digital property) might seem out there but is really a sort of new-wave take on copyrights. Take, for example, the NFT pictured above, created by artist xsullo for Chevrolet. You’re looking at it here, and you can go to Chevy’s website and copy and paste that image—just like we did here—but you wouldn’t own the work. But you could, provided you win an upcoming auction.

The xsullo work depicted here, of a lizard-green 2023 Chevrolet Corvette Z06 in an animated drift, is up for auction June 20-24 via “SuperRare” (a cryptoart dealer that you can think of as an NFT equivalent of Bonham’s or Christie’s) and proceeds of the sale will benefit DonorsChoose, a charity that supports teachers. Chevy is calling the auction “Own the Color,” because not only will the winning bidder nab the NFT, they’ll also get a matching ’23 Corvette Z06 in Minted Green, a hue the automaker pledges not to spray onto any other production 2023 Z06, which isn’t otherwise offered in a green this zany.

So, not only is the NFT one of a kind, but the included matching Vette also has built-in rarity. The NFT-with-a-matching-car thing is catching on in the expensive car world of late, with Lamborghini recently auctioning an NFT and matching Aventador supercar; not only was that 1-of-1 Lambo unique for its Steve Aoki and Krista Kim-designed, sound-aided NFT connection, it was the final Aventador sold, period.

Skeptics we are, we couldn’t help but notice Chevy’s language around that “Own the Color” concept is quite lawyer-y and specific; to us, it sure seems that, while Minted Green is paint non grata for all other 2023 Corvette Z06s, it would seem like fair game for, say, a 2023 non-Z06 Corvette, or any 2024-and-beyond Corvette, Z06 or otherwise. Would either of those moves impinge on the xsullo-matching example’s 1-of-1 status? Technically, no, but we’re curious whether Minted Green (which looks awesome on the Z06) really will be nailed into a wooden crate and retired to an Indiana Jones: Raiders of the Lost Ark-style GM warehouse somewhere, never to be seen again, or (as we hope) if it returns later.

Minted Green or otherwise, the Z06 is a heck of a lot more interactive than an NFT, promising 670 hp from its naturally aspirated V-8 engine, handling a cut above the already sharp C8 Corvette, and wilder styling. That said, the NFT-matching car will come with the Z07 performance package, carbon-fiber wheels, and the “RFN” option code signifying its 1-of-1 station. Chevy also throws in a commemorative plaque, as well as a digital certificate of ownership and authenticity for the NFT; it even says the car’s VIN “is inspired by binary code.”

Want to bid? Get your crypto house in order, and scrape together whatever Ethereum you have and get ready for the auction being hosted June 20-24 (full details here). Should you want to view the entire, uncropped (and actual) NFT in person, it’ll be on display ahead of the auction at The Crypt Gallery in New York City during “NFT NYC.”

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