The Best of the South Finally Return at the Southrnfresh IX Show

Long before Instagram and Tik Tok became the source to quench your automotive thirst, vehicle and region-specific forums were all the rage. It’s where likeminded enthusiasts would interact, share, and bicker about everything from styling to engine building, dyno plots to real vs. fake wheel examinations. Some still exist and are relied upon for information, but later generations tend to lean toward the lightning-fast movement of a never still social media platform.

Information Overload

The forums, however, are where Joseph Dale would spend hours surfing through in search of examples of builds happening outside of the South. That sent him down a rabbit hole of various blogs and eventually, led him to create one of his own. He and his friend Kashime came up with Southrnfresh, and the intent was to showcase cars and builders in their area as they felt print media at the time and the web in general weren’t giving the South its respect.

The blog became a local hero of sorts and continues to this day, along with a highly anticipated annual get-together than brings out some of the best that the South has to offer. Like many big events, the global pandemic caused a major disruption in the yearly gathering and the event was paused for two years. With most of the nation beginning to loosen its health mandates in 2022, the 9th edition of the Southrnfresh show returned to Jim R. Miller Park in Marietta, Georgia.

Renewed Perspective

“The two-year break during Covid gave me a real reality check and new perspective on what the automotive culture means to everyone and how important it is for some people,” Dale says. “Over the years I realized that Southrnfresh’s power is keeping the heart of the community together. I wanted SF to be the place for the newer generation to look back at and see what was done, and the history of Atlanta’s automotive community.”

Prior to their March 5th event, Dale says that there were quite a few local events and things had become saturated—a far cry from a decade ago, when there wasn’t nearly as much happening.  Maintaining Southrnfresh’s quality over quantity outlook over the years helped carry the event, even in light of the 2-year layoff. The 9th annual event registered over 300 cars beforehand and by day’s end, showcased almost 450, bringing the car count right up to full capacity. There were awards given to the top 10 vehicles, but not the standard plaque or generic trophy that you’ve become accustomed to.

Dale adds, “We ended up doing Super Bowl Rings this year for the winners to match the theme of the event. One of the awards was the People’s Choice and we gave all of the attendees these small trophies to give out to their favorite build. We do some sort of judging, but a lot goes into deciding who gets recognized at the event. I like to use the time to give flowers to those who have given back to the community and mix in a few of the newer generation.”

Charles Smith’s super clean NSX sits nicely on Marquis Promoda and is fitted with Spoon Sports mirrors. The small trophies just in front are actually votes, as Dale explained, and they’re handed out to attendees who are then tasked with choosing their personal pick of the show.

If we were allowed to vote, this M2 makes a strong case for taking our little trophy. Not a single thing would be changed if this were ours to play with.

Chris Melde’s 240Z features a 70s-era color, fender-mounted mirrors, and Work Equip wheels. It doesn’t really matter what region you’re in, this classic Z will turn heads.

And this bright red Z32, dubbed the “TwinZ” from Z1 Motorsports, shouldn’t be ignored either.

The GT-R-inspired front bumper on Jessie Edmund’s Q50 comes courtesy of Liberty Walk, along with its squared-off side diffusers – both of which give the sculpted “Q” a whole new attitude. Perhaps the best part about this incredibly clean sedan is the fact that it doesn’t use massive Liberty Walk signage to announce its slick upgrades.

It’s not often you’ll catch a Fiat 131 Abarth in full rally trim sitting still.

In the midst of a rainy week, Marietta delivered sunny skies and warm weather for the official return of the annual Southrnfresh event, and the locals took advantage of the temps.

PGK’s Moe Drennon has been hard at work on his EJ Civic coupe for the past 2 years and the effort shows.

Perfectly executed K-swap, pristine exterior, and a race-ready cabin close out this well thought out “Premium Garage Krew” build-up.

This E36 did away with the front bumper’s side vents, the the focus being on that front-mount intercooler that chills the boosted activities taking place up top.

Photos Courtesy of Khris Hinds 

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