Tesla's Supercharger Voting Site Now Open: Where Should They Be?

Tesla now has a new page on its official website where you can go to vote on preferred locations for new Supercharger stations. This makes loads of sense since Tesla owners are likely to have some idea of where charging infrastructure is lacking. However, it’s important to note that it appears you don’t need to be a Tesla owner to vote, but you must have a Tesla account to log in.

The Tesla Supercharger Voting page has a few different options for voting. After logging in, Step 1 asks you to vote on currently proposed Supercharger locations. You can cast a total of five votes in this area, but only one per location. More specifically, you can’t just pick your favorite spot and vote for it five times.

Moving on to Step 2, Tesla asks the public to suggest a location for the upcoming voting cycle. The website page explains that there’s a new voting cycle every three months. During each Supercharger location voting cycle, you can cast your five votes and also suggest another site. Tesla also has a leaderboard so that the public can check in and see which of the currently proposed fast-charging stations are proving the most popular.

Finally, perhaps the reason you must log in (aside from ensuring that people don’t vote multiple times) is that Tesla may actually reach out to you. The website explains that when you cast your vote, you’re essentially agreeing to the fact that Tesla could contact you about Supercharging.

Tesla says it plans to use the results of the voting to help it decide on future locations. However, it doesn’t say that the votes will actually determine the locations for sure. The company has to consider many other data points to decide on the best locations, but the voting should certainly help.

The Tesla Supercharger network is one of the largest and most far-reaching in the world, especially when it comes to DC Fast Charging stations. The company announced earlier in 2022 that it has launched its 35,000th Supercharger charging point. However, there still aren’t enough stations to accommodate the number of Tesla vehicles sold. Once Tesla opens up the network to all EVs, the lines stand to get much longer, especially in key areas.

The current ratio of Tesla’s EVs to the number of Superchargers is 750 to 1. Tesla further expanded the network in Q3 2022, as it has continued to do over the past 10 years. Tesla first launched the Supercharger network back in September 2012.

Tesla’s new Supercharger voting plan came about as the result of an earlier tweet the automaker sent out. It asked people to suggest locations that would be included in an upcoming online voting system. The Supercharger location suggestions that received the most Twitter likes are included in the poll. There are currently 183 suggested locations in multiple areas across the globe.

Source: Tesla via Electrek

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