Tesla's Roadrunner Project: New Insight From Down The Rabbit Hole

Tesla’s secret ‘Roadrunner’ project is no secret anymore. Some digging reveals details.

It would be fair to say our good friend Sean Mitchell is a Tesla fan through and through. In fact, it was the Silicon Valley electric automaker that piqued his interest in ‘All Things EV’ and sustainable energy. However, his focus as of late has shifted much more to the battery side of things.

Earlier this year, it was revealed that Tesla is working on a secret “Roadrunner Project.” Essentially, Roadrunner is a codename for a situation in which Tesla will design and produce its own battery cells in-house. The company has since acknowledged the project exists and is underway, but hasn’t let on many details. Mitchell has been diving down the rabbit hole, interviewing battery experts, and working hard to gather more insight from building permits, etc.

Mitchell talks about buildings in Alameda Country that Tesla owns and plans to use for the automaker’s future battery efforts. In fact, there are details in writing via the City of Fremont that specify two buildings down the road from the Fremont factory that will accommodate new battery manufacturing and research and development space for the Roadrunner project. 

The document goes on to point out specifics related to the number of employees that will be working at these battery sites, as well as their shifts. It also adds information about the number of shipping trucks that will be delivering materials to the sites and shipping out manufactured batteries each day.

There are many more interesting nuggets in the permits that suggest the imminent reality of the Roadrunner project and what Tesla plans to do as it moves forward. Check out the video for more details, along with Mitchell’s insight. Then, leave us a comment below.

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