Tesla's Elon Musk Updates On Autopilot Rewrite Functionality, Timelines

As Tesla moves forward with Full Self-Driving development, an Autopilot rewrite may be released in 2 to 4 months.

Tesla CEO Elon Musk has been back to his higher level of Twitter activity as of late. It seems he’s in a positive frame of mind, likely due to Tesla’s hugely successful quarter, despite the factory shutdown related to the coronavirus pandemic.

Last night, he talked about the upcoming Tesla Autopilot rewrite that will increase functionality. However, he said it may be months before it can be released to the public.

Musk took to Twitter to respond to a question from Whole Mars about how the Autopilot rewrite is going. The Twitter user joked and asked if Tesla plans to call it ‘PlaidNet.’ Musk replied that it’s going well. He admits that basically everything had to be rewritten.

Musk responded to another question from Tesla Owners East Bay asking how reverse summon is going. He said that a lot of functionality is coming with the new software stack, likely referring to the same “rewrite.”

Musk clarified that while it may be ready for release in 2 to 4 months, that doesn’t mean the functionality will be proven safe to release to customer cars. Perhaps it will be completely ready at that point, but there’s also a chance owners will have to wait longer for the update.

For those who understand how this type of technology works, Musk talked about it being “fundamentally ‘3D’ at every step from training through inference.” He also said it will include a more advanced “labeling system.”

At any rate, this is just a suggestion of more progress toward Tesla’s Full Self-Driving capability, which was supposed to be ready long ago. Clearly, it’s not something that can be rushed.

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