TeslaCam: Watch Tesla Model 3 On Autopilot Get Almost Squashed Between Semis

It’s a close call, but Autopilot and the Tesla driver make the right choices. Lots of other entertaining TeslaCam footage too.

This is yet another episode from YouTube channel Wham Baam Teslacam that’s chock full of entertaining TeslaCam and Sentry Mode footage. Who knew such videos would become so popular on the internet?

Tune in at the 20-second mark to see a Tesla Model 3 almost squeezed to a pulp. The driver says the car was on Autopilot when it was proceeding between two semi-trucks. When one of the trucks comes over the lane line, nearly squashing the Tesla, it appears Autopilot veers a bit to avoid. At any rate, the driver is paying attention as advised. He takes over and hits the brakes in time to retreat from harm’s way.

In this recent episode, you’ll also see a pickup truck change lanes right into another car. Even more fun, another pickup truck driver rips the front bumper off a Toyota RAV4 in a parking lot. Apparently he can’t yet judge the size of his huge TRD Pro truck. Interestingly, the RAV4 belongs to the daughter of the Tesla driver who recorded the event. He says the truck driver handled the situation well, though we don’t know if that’s sarcasm or reality.

Next up, yet another truck runs a stop sign and t-bones a Ford Mustang. The Tesla owner gave a copy of the video footage to the Mustang driver. Are we starting to see a trend here? Perhaps we should keep our eyes peeled for reckless pickup truck drivers.

There are a few more clips in the video. Check them all out and then leave us your comments below.

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