TeslaCam Evidence: Cyclist Crashes, Blames Tesla Driver

It wasn’t the Tesla driver’s fault, and thankfully the cyclist was OK.

It’s never fun to be blamed for something you didn’t do. This video reveals a story that’s unique in that the cyclist may have crashed due to the Tesla driver’s actions, though the driver wasn’t directly involved. The husband of the cyclist who crashed blames the driver, but perhaps he should really be blaming a minivan driver. In the end, it was actually no one’s fault but his wife’s.

As you can see from the Tesla dashcam (TeslaCam) video shared by Road Rage Tube, two cyclists are riding down a residential road. The Tesla driver is following at a distance. A minivan starts to back out of a driveway and almost backs right into the Tesla. However, the Tesla driver honks their horn to assure that the minivan driver stops.

The Tesla horn honking must scare the cyclist or cause her to take her eyes off the road ahead. She ends up crashing and falling off of her bike. Her husband reportedly yells at the Tesla driver for honking his horn, which led to the crash. It appears he quickly realizes that the Tesla driver wasn’t honking at him, but instead, at the minivan. If there was any question about the truth, the TeslaCam video footage clears it up.

Who was actually at fault here? In the end, the cyclist can only be blamed for her own crash. However, the Tesla horn did seem to startle her. If the van hadn’t almost backed into the Tesla, none of this would have happened. So, can we blame the minivan driver? No, not really. As you can see, incidents like this are hard to decipher. Everyone is going to have their own story. This is why having a dashcam is such a wise choice.

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