Tesla Model Y Performance Touchless Delivery And First Drive Reaction

What’s it like to pick up your Tesla Model Y? That first drive must feel pretty incredible.

Don’t be fooled by the featured image here, or the video producer. As you may remember, Tesla YouTube influencer Andy Slye recently canceled his Tesla Model Y reservation. Perhaps this experience is working to change his mind?

Slye’s friend canceled an EV reservation as well, though it wasn’t a Tesla reservation. Instead, David had a reservation for a Rivian R1S all-electric three-row SUV. However, rather than waiting for Rivian to bring its first vehicles to market, he canceled the order and reserved a Tesla Model Y.

David recently took delivery of his black Tesla Model Y Performance. As you can see in the video, he opted for the no contact delivery option. The crossover features black upholstery, the free Performance Upgrades package with 21-inch wheels, and the Full Self-Driving package.

The video dives into David’s Rivian reservation, the price, and why he changed his mind. It also includes a detailed look at the Tesla Model Y, as well as its maiden voyage, which includes a bit of a training session from Andy.

Check out the video to see how it all played out. More importantly, first reactions like this are priceless. Have you reserved a Model Y? Do you already own one? If so, leave us a message in our comment section below.

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