Survivor Barn Find 1937 Ford Truck Owned by Same Family for 84 Years

Parked and stored since 1957, this all-original 1937 Ford truck is as original as they come.

There’s an old saying that goes something like, “They are only original once.” The implication is that being original is pretty special. Well, this 1937 Ford V-8 truck barn find is about as original as you can expect for an 84-year-old ride. Even more amazing is that this ’37 has been owned by the same Kansas family since the day it was bought new from the Ford dealer!

The truck was bought in July 1937, the same month and year the original owner’s daughter, the current owner, was born. The family grew wheat in Kansas, and they needed a truck to haul the wheat to the market in town. Back then, trucks were tools to be used hard and replaced when they could no longer be fixed. The owner recalled growing up with the truck and her mom driving it to town, loaded with wheat, which explains the wooden bedsides.

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She also remembers a wheat fire scorching one side of the truck a bit and how hard it was for her mom to find replacement tires for the truck during World War II. To find an all-original truck like this is rare; to find it still with the original family is even more unique. The truck was parked indoors in 1957, and aside from changing storage locations a few times, it hasn’t seen the light of day in 64 years!

The Family Has the Original Title!

The original title was believed to have been lost, so the family got a new Kansas title, and the truck has a current title using the VIN stamped on the frame. But the original title was found and is included with the truck! It was originally titled using the engine number, so the original title wasn’t a good legal document, but it’s a great part of the truck’s history.We think seeing an 84-year-old title is pretty cool; be sure to check it out in the gallery—click any photo in this story and start clicking through!

Barn Find Truck Heads to Auction

Chad Ehrlich, of Nobody Else’s Auto in Great Bend, Kansas, found this original survivor Ford and considered it special enough to send to auction. After all, with original paint, nearly zero rust, and the documentation, it’s just not something that comes up for sale very often. So, if you want a survivor 1937 V-8-powered Ford truck that’s been parked for 64 years, you can bid on it at auction. The auction is October 2, 2021, in Great Bend, Kansas, at the Great Bend Expo complex, home of the historic SRCA Dragstrip.

The Ford is still fitted with an 85-horsepower V-8, but at some point it was given a remanufactured engine. Remember, these were work trucks, and back then buying a truck for the farm was a huge investment.

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If you want a cool old survivor barn find truck, check out the auction. And if you’re looking for some other type of project, or parts for your current labor of love, be sure to hit up Ehrlich’s salvage yard, where cool new rides are always showing up. You can also check out Ehrlich’s salvage yard by following him on Facebook (Nobody Else’s Auto) or eBay (nobodyselsesauto); he even has a YouTube channel called Nobody’s Show! Click here to see a walkaround video of this 1937 Ford work truck, including an interview with the current owner.

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