Superchargers Usage In North America Reached Pre-COVID High

The Tesla Supercharging network in North America is getting busier than ever.

Tesla Supercharger usage quite quickly recovers from the COVID-19 lockdown. After China, now also North America has reached its all-time high of the average daily number of sessions (7-day moving average).

Elon Musk wrote that Europe is about a week behind:

“North American Supercharger usage is now at pre-covid high, Europe about a week behind, China & Asia-Pacific in general doing great”

Well, it’s great to see that in both cases, North America and in Europe, the growth is pretty smooth and on a trajectory to much higher levels than ever before.


Tesla has delivered some 90,650 new cars during the second quarter alone, which is about 10% of its entire cumulative sales result as of the end of March.

We can assume that soon the usage will go up to at least 10-20% above the previous maximum just taking into consideration the number of cars on the road. Additionally, it’s summertime, so more long-distance driving is expected.

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