‘Sheer stupidity!’: Driver fined for not clearing windscreen of frost and fog – ‘no words’

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Argyll and West Dunbartonshire Police Division took to Facebook to make other drivers aware of the rules of the road. They posted a picture of a car with a tiny “porthole” on the windscreen where the driver had cleared some fog and frost away so they could see the road ahead.

The rest of the windscreen was still covered in a thick level of frost and fog making it impossible to see inside the car.

The police division wrote: “When it’s cold, wet and often icy, it’s important to take extra time to make sure your vehicle is safe for the journey ahead.

“Argyll & West Dunbartonshire Police Division Road Policing Officers stopped this vehicle in Bonhill as the schools were coming out.

“The driver had not sufficiently demisted their windows, placing children and other road users at risk.

“The driver was issued with three points and a £100 fine.”

Other drivers were furious with the driver, responding to the post with angry messages.

One commenter, Robert Johnstone, said: “That’s just sheer stupidity!”

Another user, Greumach Hackett, vented their anger saying: “Would love to hear the driver argue their case suggesting that wee peephole was sufficient.”

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Joanna Fitzgerald Davis also responded: “Oh wow I have no words.

“Why would you even get in that and drive?

“Maybe go pound shop for antifreeze.

“Way cheaper than a fine and points on licence.”

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