See How Plug-In Electric Cars Captured Over 80% Market Share In Norway

It did not take long to marginalize internal combustion cars.

September 2020 was a record month for passenger plug-in electric cars in Norway, as the market share for the very first time exceeded 80%!

The total share was 81.6%, including 61.5% (also a record) for all-electric cars, and an additional 20.1% for plug-in hybrids.

This really shows how exceptional the Norwegian market is. There are not many markets in the world with double-digit plug-in car market share, while here we not only see a majority, but more than 4 in 5 new cars being rechargeable.

But how did it happen? Only 10 years ago, there were almost no signs of EVs in Norway. However, strong EV incentives (including a powerful 25% VAT tax exception), high taxes on conventional cars, combined with high purchasing power translated into very high demand over the years.

As a result, as soon as the series-produced electric cars appeared on the market, sales gradually were increasing from near zero in 2013 to about 50% around 2018 and now 80%!

New passenger car registrations in Norway by type – September 2020

Plug-ins, especially all-electric cars, are now the top-selling models, while ICEs are fading. Conventional hybrids were stable for quite some time, but recently also started to erode.

If ICE/HEV sales fade even more in the next couple of years, the next thing we will see will be the collapse of fuel stations – turned into fast-charging hubs or retired.

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