Rip-off Britain: Drivers face shocking parking charges in most expensive areas – full list

Rip Off Britain: Lawyer Gary Rycroft gives tips on parking tickets

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New research has found that it costs more than £3,000 a year to park in some areas, a huge cost to motorists on top of inflating fuel prices. The study took the cost of car parking from the average of the three cheapest spaces in the location’s centre, parking four days per week to account for those working from home.

The City of Westminster took the top spot, with an average cost of £3,684.

This is an average cost of £10 per day, despite the study not accounting for the need to park on a daily basis.

Based on Riverdale Leasing’s study of costs for four days of the week, costs would be much higher.

If a driver were to park at the cheapest space in Westminster for 208 days of the yea, it would cost an average of £17.70 per day.

Edinburgh comes in second place with drivers facing an average cost of £3,483.

The Scottish capital is the most expensive area outside of London, and the priciest Scottish city, with Glasgow in fourth (£2,838). 

The London Borough of Islington caps off the top three most expensive areas for car parking, charging £3,007 per year.

Riverdale’s research also looked into where drivers would have to pay the most to drive their car.

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It collated data on insurance, fuel, car parking, any tolls or emissions-based charges and repairs, servicing and tax.

The City of Westminster was by far the most expensive city to drive in, with annual costs of £8,722 per year.

Most of the total cost came from parking as well as the Ultra Low Emission Zone and Congestion Charge, setting drivers back £3,015.

This comes as Stansted Airport was found to have the second most expensive parking in the entire world.

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Staying for seven days at the London airport costs a staggering £210.

That’s more than the cost of a plane ticket for a family of four to many destinations from the airport.

In comparison, a week-long stay at the Sabiha Gökçen Airport in Istanbul, Turkey, would set drivers back just £12.30.

Gatwick Airport also made an appearance in the top 10 most expensive airports with motorists looking at a cost of at least £145 for a week.

10 most expensive UK areas for parking

  1. City of Westminster – £3,684

  2. Edinburgh – £3,483

  3. Islington – £3,007

  4. Glasgow – £2,838

  5. Liverpool – £2,780

  6. Belfast – £2,744

  7. Manchester – £2,565

  8. Croydon – £2,504

  9. Oxford – £2,358

  10. Newport – £2,283

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