Raccoon L Is An Adorable Hyundai Staria Camper With A Rooftop Deck

With its spaceship looks, the Hyundai Staria is one of the most extraordinary-looking vans in the world. Now, the South Korean camper maker Vantech is converting it into a compact RV with a rooftop deck and expandable rear section.

This video is from South Korea, so we can’t understand what the host is saying, but the images speak for themselves. The YouTube description indicates Vantech calls its Staria the Raccoon L, which is an adorable name.

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The notable elements on the outside of this van are the pop-up roof and the wood-paneled deck that is accessible via a ladder. It looks like a fantastic place to enjoy a sunrise or sunset.

Moving back to the lower portion, the rear has an extendable awning with lots of amenities. A small refrigerator and freezer mount in the back of the van, and there’s a swing-out cabinet and microwave. Small tables can also fold down.

Inside, there is a sliding bench seat that has thigh supports and a power-reclining feature. The windows side doors can become opaque at the touch of a button to give the occupants privacy.

Unfortunately, Vantech’s site only has details for the seemingly larger Raccoon S. We don’t have pricing and availability details for the L.

Hyundai plans to produce its own camper version of the Staria, but there are no details about this variant yet. The company is working on lots of versions of the van, including layouts from two to 11 seats. There’s even a school bus configuration.

There’s no sign of Hyundai bringing the Staria to the United States, even if it would shake up the minivan segment in the country. The model is going to Europe where buyers get a 2.2-liter turbodiesel that hooks up to a six-speed manual gearbox or an eight-speed automatic.

Source: 너구리캠핑카 via YouTube, via New Atlas

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