Quicksilver Tesla Model Y Spotted In Public For The First Time

As you may have heard, Giga Berlin’s paint shop will offer two new colors for the Tesla Model Y – Quicksilver and Midnight Cherry Red. Eventually, both colors should be available for the Model 3 too, however for now they remain exclusive to the Y.

A Quicksilver Model Y was present at the Auto Zürich convention in Oerlikon, Switzerland earlier this week, giving us an idea of what the color looks like in reality. And from the photos, it’s clear to see it’s come out pretty good. 

Quicksilver and Midnight Cherry Red are exclusive to Giga Berlin, meaning they’re only available to European and Middle Eastern customers. Both colors have up to 13 layers for depth and definition.

In terms of pricing, speccing Quicksilver will set you back €3,000 ($3,108) in Germany meanwhile Midnight Cherry Red comes in at €3,200 ($3,315). Interestingly, both colors are only available on the Tesla Model Y Long Range and Performance. Buyers of the new entry-level Model Y Standard Range RWD (not available in the US) have to choose from the regular palette of colors. 

Source: Vision E Drive (Twitter)

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