Proton now accepting e-wallets at selected service centres – Touch n Go, GrabPay, Boost, FavePay –

Here’s good news for the e-wallet junkies out there, if you own a Proton. The carmaker has announced that it’s now accepting e-wallets at selected service centres. And it’s not an exclusive partnership either – the whole field of Touch n Go eWallet, GrabPay, Boost and even FavePay is accepted. The latter is a great way to double or even triple-dip if you know what it’s about.

So, even if you left your wallet with your cash and cards at home, payment is now possible with the phone. With vehicle servicing, booking fee and downpayment, insurance renewal, parts/accessories and merchandise purchase included, the sums can be rather large – which means faster step up to the next level and/or more cashback/coins in your e-wallet.

Now, this can either be a completely useless piece of info for some and almost heaven-sent for others – it depends on whether you’re into e-wallets or not, and if you are, how deep you’ve been sucked into the game. Hey, it’s quite addictive!

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