POLL: Would YOU use a dashcam in your car?

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Dashcams have increased in popularity in the past few years and the British Motorcyclists Federation (BMF) reports more than 60,000 road users have sent dashcam footage to the police in the last five years. The BMF revealed one-third of such cases involving dashcam footage have been actioned by police.

The uptake of dashboard and helmet cameras in the UK has resulted in a rise in the amount of footage shared with the police as evidence.

This has been facilitated by the National Dashcam Safety Portal which the BMF says “provides a single online gateway to uploading to any police force in the country”.

A total of 43 police forces in England, Wales and Northern Ireland accept dashcam footage as evidence.

The BMF Chair, Jim Freeman, said: “The use of dashcam evidence has been variable across different forces.

“There have been instances reported to the BMF of recordings of serious incidents, involving serious injuries to riders, with GPS locators and third-party recordings being ignored, for unstated reasons, by local accident investigators.”

He added: “Any attempt to co-ordinate and standardise the way this is done, has to be a good idea.”

Lincolnshire’s police force joined the system most recently, regarded as a positive decision.

Head of central operations at Lincolnshire Police Nikki Mayo said: “A system to effectively process evidence of road traffic offences and poor driving will assist greatly in dealing with poor driver behaviour that can and does lead to collisions, serious injury and death on the roads of Lincolnshire.”

Mr Freeman said: “That Lincolnshire is joining the ranks, that’s a positive step. In a county with many rural roads, where traffic enforcement is thinly stretched, this would seem to be especially important.”

Despite benefits to police enforcement, there remains a concern over misuse against motorcyclists.

Drivers who are unfamiliar with motorcycles may view undertaking and filtering as concerning behaviour and report such footage.

So what do YOU think? Would you use a dashcam in your car? Vote in our poll and join the debate in the comment section below.

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