Petrol station causes queuing chaos after offering fuel for 159.7p per litre

Woolwich resident says petrol prices are 'astronomical'

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A Costco petrol station in Manchester became very popular with drivers after it offered petrol for 159.7p per litre. This is considerably cheaper compared to other retailers based nearby.

Despite the fuel prices dropping in recent weeks, they still remain high.

According to the latest RAC Fuel Watch, motorists can expect to fork out 174.79p per litre of unleaded on average.

Diesel prices remain even higher with drivers having to spend 185.40p per litre.

Since the Covid pandemic the cost of fuel has almost doubled.

It is, therefore, no surprise that motorists are always on the lookout for the cheapest deals.

One location that became extremely popular with drivers is the Costco petrol station located in Trafford Park in Manchester.

The filling station offers unleaded for 159.7p and diesel for 173.7p with rows of cars constantly spotted queuing up.

To drivers’ delight, however, the queues always seem to move fairly quickly, Manchester Evening News reported.

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With prices like that, car owners can expect to buy 45 litres of fuel for £72.28.

This is considerably cheaper compared to other retailers based in the same area.

At Asda’s petrol station just next door, the prices were 171.7p for unleaded and 182.7p for diesel.

Other supermarkets offered the following prices:

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Morrisons – 169.7p unleaded / 181.7p diesel

Sainsbury’s – 169.9p unleaded / 180.9p diesel

Tesco – 171.9p unleaded / 183.9p diesel

Money-saving expert Martin Lewis has also previously told motorists how they can find the cheapest fuel in their area.

Mr Lewis explained to car owners that there are several websites that compare the prices of fuel in any given area.

Writing on Twitter, the expert said: “Find the nearest cheapest petrol station near you…”

All drivers need to do is enter their postcode.

They can then see the nearest petrol station to their address with prices of both diesel and petrol outlined.

Car owners using the website will have to sign up with their details.

Signing up, however, is not required if drivers use the company’s app.

Some people were sceptical about providing their details to access the information on the website.

One user wrote underneath Mr Lewis’ post: “Why do I need to give my information and sign up?”

The expert replied: “Because they want to build a database in return for letting you access theirs!”

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