Petrol prices: How to find the cheapest fuel in your area

Petrol prices: Diesel drivers are being ‘ripped off’ says Fair Fuel UK

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Prices for both petrol and diesel have soared in recent weeks, despite Chancellor Rishi Sunak announcing a 5p fuel duty cut in March. Rising levels of inflation and the Russian invasion of Ukraine have helped to push the figures to unprecedented levels. Embattled motorists are now looking to save as much as possible when they head to the pump.

How to find the cheapest fuel in your area

Several different websites offer search tools which allow people to find out where they can get the best value for money filling up their vehicle.

Petrol Prices, for example, allows individuals to compare local fuel prices for free.

After you’ve registered, you just need to enter your postcode and how far you’re willing to travel to find fuel.

The site will then provide you with a list of the cheapest petrol stations in your area.

Mobile phone users can also download the app for easy access on the go.

Alternatively, offers a similar service, whereby you simply enter your postcode for a list of results to appear.

You don’t need to sign up to have access to the service, but having an account will allow you to see more information about each option.

Last week, diesel prices raced above the previous record, and now stands at 181.48p per litre, according to the RAC Fuel Watch.

A similar trend has also occurred with the price of petrol, which now stands at 181.83p per litre – surpassing the previous record of 167.30p per litre set on March 22.

When Mr Sunak announced his Spring Statement, the cut to fuel duty was listed as one of his key policy changes.

Speaking at the time the Chancellor said: “For only the second time in 20 years, fuel duty will be cut. Not by one, not by two, but by 5p a litre – the biggest cut to rates forever.

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“Some have called for the fuel duty cut to last until August. I have decided it will be in place until March next year, a full 12 months.”

But more than two months on, his pledge has failed to provide any respite for households already feeling the bite of the cost of living crisis.

The war in Ukraine has led to global prices for petrol and diesel rocketing, as countries look outside of Moscow for supplies of oil.

UK inflation is also at its highest rate for 30 years, and grew to nine percent last week.

To help save money on fuel, motorists can also employ a number of other cost cutting hacks.

For instance, keeping a close eye on your car’s tyre pressure will improve fuel efficiency, and help to prolong their lifespan.

Details on the correct tyre pressure can be found in your vehicle handbook, the driver’s door sill, or inside the fuel tank flap.

Clearing out your boot to remove any excess weight can also stop your car from using up additional fuel, and thus save you a trip or two to the forecourt.

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