‘Pathetic’: Woman savages neighbours over parking tactics to reserve roadside space

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The frustrated woman has taken to TikTok to mock her neighbours, who she claims “won’t allow anyone to park in their space”. In the video, filmed from Tasha Bonner’s upstairs window, a man is seen getting ready to drive away in his blue car while the driver of the brown vehicle prepares to take the space.

The “father and son duo” do this several times a day, Ms Bonner claimed.

The TikTok, which has garnered more than 1.5million views, is captioned with the hashtags “#NeighbourWars” and “SadNeighbours”.

Instead of using their own driveway, which has enough space for two cars, they park one of their cars on the road in front of their house.

Whenever they want to leave, they move the other car into that space, leaving the driveway and keeping the spot in front of the house free.

Ms Bonner explained that her neighbours have a double drive but also take up the road parking space next to their driveway.

She added: “They both live there so they swap cars to keep that space ‘saved’ at all times.

“It’s the biggest stress of his life. The son wouldn’t be able to leave if he wasn’t there to move the brown car.

“I want it to come across as being pathetic rather than I’m sitting indoors stressed,” she told MailOnline.

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The woman added that she was “mocking them” for having a system that is in effect all day, every day.

Many in the comments section were surprised people went to these great lengths to secure a roadside parking spot.

Some other TikTok users also spoke of their own neighbours and their similar tactics.

One person said: “My boyfriend’s neighbour does exactly the same! We have four cars coming and going, they have two and stay at home all day.

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“It’s so selfish and pathetic!”

Another added: “I had also one of those neighbours. As soon as one drove away, he almost ran to his car to move it a few metres.”

A third commented: “Someone by me does this and it’s incredibly funny to take the spot just because.

“I deliver shopping and even took the spot when delivering to someone on my road and she blocked the work van in expecting something to happen.”

However, some in the comments came out in support of the drivers and questioned why Ms Bonner was so against their parking arrangements.

One social media user said they didn’t understand what the issue was.

They added: “If someone is outside my house I will move my car when they leave. I like to be able to see my car.”

A second commenter pointed out they were just making room for their drive, saying there was “nothing wrong with that”.

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