Nissan Ariya gets another teaser before July 15 reveal –

Nissan has released a new teaser confirming the digital world premiere of the Ariya on July 15. The electric crossover is one of several models the Japanese carmaker will introduce over the coming months, with the latest X-Trail arriving before it.

The brief video touches on the design development of the model, with shots of the Ariya being sketched out as well as being sculpted from clay. It’s no surprise the production version of the Ariya will closely match the identically named concept that first previewed it at last year’s Tokyo Motor Show, but it won’t be an exact copy, as you’d expect.

An example of this is seen at the rear, specifically with the light bar that connects the taillights. On the concept, this had a rather nifty 3D effect look, with finer detailing and the Nissan script lifted up to create depth. The production version dials things right back, with a more conventional strip of light and the script being of a 2D appearance.

A view of the model’s front-end also shows a similar lighting signature, with four diodes featured in each headlamp cluster. More prominent are the light bars forming a “V,” which appears to be a modern nod to Nissan’s signature V-motion grille that is likely to be covered up because this is an EV after all.

Less obvious is the tweaked front bumper, with much larger corner inlets compared to the slim, vertical ones seen on the concept. We’ll have to wait until July 15 to see just how far the revisions go as well as the powertrain that the Ariya will use.

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