NHS worker fined £100 for parking with tyre ‘inches over the line’

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An NHS worker was left dumbfounded after being issued a hefty fine for parking his car in his own space with the tyre just inches over a dividing line. Ed Smith received the demand just a few days before Christmas.

Mr Smith, who has worked at an NHS hospital providing patients with care throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, parked his red BMW in the space at his home in Birmingham city centre on December 20.

He said he left his car slightly over the line in order to leave room for his neighbour to go in and out.

At the time the bay he was overlapping wasn’t in use by another driver.

Mr Smith said: “I was upset and annoyed about getting the ticket.”

He added: “The bay next to mine is disused and because the parking spaces are so narrow, I try to get close to the line to give my neighbour as much space as possible.

“It seems ridiculous that parking an inch or so over the line should result in a £100 fine.”

The fine, which is reduced to £60 if paid within 12 days, was levied by a firm called Premier Parking Enforcement LTD.

Mr Smith said it is not the first time he has received a fine from the parking company – who he says “only seem interested in making money”.

He explained: “Previously I was given a fine after my permit got unstuck from the windscreen due to the hot weather and had fallen off.

“Despite it being visible on the floor from the window, and my informing them that I was a resident who owned the parking space, they rejected my appeal and I had to pay £100.”

He described the fine being issued in the run up to Christmas as “disheartening and cruel”.

Express.co.uk previously reported on how private car park firms have issued a staggering 10 million fines in just a year.

The number of fines issued by these companies has rocketed by two-thirds in the past five years.

That’s a total rise of 64 percent since 2016.

Premier Parking Enforcement have been contacted for comment on the story.

The Government has recently been consulting on proposals reducing the maximum fine from £100 to £50.

That would reduce to £25 if paid within 14 days under the new plans.

RAC Foundation’s Steve Gooding said: “It is inconceivable that more than eight million drivers are setting out each year consciously deciding to flout parking rules and risk ending up with a parking charge.

“These numbers, which have risen in leaps and bounds over the last 10 years, suggest we have a system that isn’t working – not for the motorists who are receiving charge demands and not for the private landowners either.”

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