New Lucid Gravity electric SUV set for 2024 launch

Silicon Valley-based EV maker, Lucid will follow up the Air saloon with a luxury SUV, and it could land on UK shores

Having hit the ground running with the luxurious Air saloon, Lucid is venturing into the lucrative electric SUV market with a new seven-seat model. The new Lucid Gravity will arrive with Air-derived technology in 2024.

Lucid will reveal the Gravity in full this week, but a series of teaser shots provide a first glimpse at the forthcoming electric Range Rover rival. The design language is immediately familiar, with the Air’s distinctive contrasting roofline carried over to the SUV. The Gravity will offer seven seats, so we expect it to be around five metres long, and the boxy rear end should provide ample headroom for those in the third row. 

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The Gravity has clearly been optimised to reduce drag, with a steeply angled windscreen that extends deep into the bonnet to reduce air pressure at its base. The front overhang is very short, but given that the SUV will ride on the same LEAP pure-electric architecture as the Air, we expect a relatively accommodating front boot as with its saloon relative. 

Other elements from the Air – including the full-width front lighting array, tail light bar and uncluttered surfacing – are evident from these images, along with the windscreen that flows back over the front seat passengers. A horizontal crossbar will split the glass roof to provide structural support.

Interior design

The general cabin design isn’t expected to differ dramatically from the Air’s, featuring the same Lucid UX infotainment tech operated through a triple screen setup. The SUV is unlikely to adopt a fully digital interface, however, with a blend of both physical and touchscreen controls on the dashboard.

The Gravity could offer a range of full-grain leather, fabric and wood trims inside, and the firm’s trademark ambient lighting strip – integrated into a central spine in the windscreen – will be present and correct. These teaser shots indicate that, unlike the Air, the Gravity will do away with traditional sun visors, and may use some form of photochromic glass instead.

Battery and powertrain

Under the skin, Lucid’s Volvo EX90 rival is likely to adopt the same battery and motor technology as the Air, offering a range of over 400 miles thanks to a 113kWh battery pack. Given the Gravity’s extra mass and compromised aerodynamics, Lucid may not offer the smaller 88kWh unit found in the entry-level Air. 

Customers will be able to choose from a range of power options, which could include single, dual or tri-motor configurations. For reference, the top-flight Lucid Air Sapphire provides over 1,200bhp, and equipped with the same powertrain, the Gravity is likely to complete the 0-62mph sprint in less than three seconds. 

This year, Lucid entered the European market by opening its first official retailer in Germany, and rumours suggest that the brand will produce right hand drive models for the UK further down the line. Given that the Gravity will launch in 2024, it could coincide with Lucid’s UK market push.

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