MOT holiday to end early after AA and RAC fears about more than a million unsafe cars

MOT checks might begin again after fears that more than a million unsafe cars will flood the UK’s roads when lockdown restrictions are lifted on July 4. The checks were originally meant to be postponed from March 30 until the end of September, due to the coronavirus lockdown restrictions. It has now been reported that the Government is planning to reconsider this pause in MOTs.

The AA and RAC have led calls for the Government to stop the six-month extension on the MOT that was granted in March.

President of the AA Edmund King said the current MOT holiday “could lead to many more unsafe cars on the road”.

Speaking to the Daily Telegraph, he added: “We believe the Government is right to reconsider the reintroduction of light vehicle MOTs.

“We think they should amend the end date of these regulations.

“This would have the effect of reintroducing mandatory MOT testing from the amended end date.”

Figures obtained by from the Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency (DVSA) reveal that 2.1 million MOTs were carried out in April and May this year.

This has been compared to 7.1 million in the same time period in 2019, revealing that millions of cars remain untested, some of which may be unroadworthy.

Now that the coronavirus lockdown is unwinding the Government is being pressured into ending the scheme to halt MOT tests.

Chief executive of the Independent Garages Association Stuart James warned that the normal MOT process should resume before a flood of cars go back onto roads come July 4.

He said: “Now is the time to end the extension.

“People are being encouraged to use their cars to go shopping and go on days out to boost the economy, rather than use public transport.

“However, the MOT extension has been in place since March and we now have a situation where there are approximately 1.6 million unroadworthy cars in use on our roads.”


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A spokesman for the Department for Transport explained why the MOT holiday was put in place by the Government.

The spokesman said: “Vehicle owners have been granted a 6-month exemption from MOT testing.

“This was to enable vital services to continue and so frontline workers could get to work, and to help people to get essential food and medicine during the COVID-19 outbreak.

“It is still incumbent on vehicle-owners to ensure their vehicle is roadworthy and safe to use, even if they have been granted an exemption.

“Even with the 6-month extension to MOT checks, people can still take their vehicle in for an MOT test before then if they would prefer to

“The duration of the changes to MOTs remains under review and we will work closely with the industry on future changes to the current exemption.”

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