More 2022 Ford Bronco Heritage Edition Details Emerge

A lot of things are coming for the Ford Bronco for the 2022 model year. Apart from the varying price increase across the board, a stick shift will also be available in the four-cylinder engine-equipped Sasquatch package. There are new colors, as well, and of course, the confirmed arrival of the Ford Bronco Raptor and Everglades version.

However, these aren’t the only things worth waiting for in the second production year of the revived nameplate. Initially announced at the beginning of this year, the Bronco will get a Heritage Edition. More importantly, more details about the upcoming top-spec trim have emerged, courtesy of Muscle Cars & Trucks.

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According to the publication, the Ford Bronco Heritage Edition will come with a set of four-slot wheels – a trait coming from the original Bronco from 1966. MC&T also speculated that the throwback set could also come in white, harking to the original styling.

Moreover, the new trim will feature a white grille which was apparently teased with the Bronco’s arrival in 2020. That said, the new model will clearly distinguish itself from the lineup, aligning itself with the Raptor and the snorkel-equipped Everglades. Ford will also apparently offer the Sasquatch Package with the Heritage Edition.

As confirmed in dealer documents this month, the Bronco Heritage and Heritage Limited will sit atop the nameplate’s range. That said, the new trim level will possibly exceed the $50,000 mark, considering that the Wildtrak is already $47,780 for the shorter model and $49,475 for the four-door version.

When will the Bronco Heritage Edition arrive? At the time of this writing, Ford hasn’t dropped any launch detail just yet but we expect to see it towards the end of the year.


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