Model Y Is Tesla's Most Important Car, But Quality Is Still An Issue

How can one decide a car’s importance? Is the quality really that bad?

Marques Brownlee is one of the top dogs when it comes to popular YouTubers. His channel has multi-millions of subscribers and his videos are watched by millions across the globe. He’s a tech fan and reviewer through and through, which steered him toward Tesla. Now, MKBHD as he calls himself, finally gets to drive and review the new Tesla Model Y crossover.

Brownlee published a solid and more in-depth review of the Tesla Model 3 (we’ve embedded that below in case you never saw it or want to watch it again for reference). He calls these car reviews “Auto Focus.” He decided since the Model Y is much like the Model 3, he would skip some of the detailed focus and simplify his take on the Model Y. Overall, he says the new midsize crossover is Tesla’s most important car to date, but he’s surprised Tesla gave him a car with so many quality issues.

The Model Y should sell better than the Model 3, at least on our shores. This is because it’s a crossover and offers more space, practicality, and versatility. However, it still provides intense acceleration and agile handling. Tesla constantly improves and updates its cars, so it makes sense that its latest model will have all the newest bells and whistles. The Model Y is the first Tesla with a heat pump.

Brownlee admits that while he loves the Model Y touch screen, he wishes there were normal buttons for some features, such as the windshield wipers and air vents. He also talks about how expensive the Model Y is in its current configurations, though Tesla will bring cheaper versions to market later. Brownlee points out that he’s aware of quality issues, and even in a car that Tesla loaned him to review, there are serious panel gaps, the sun visor is loose, the hazard button is not aligned right, and the front trunk lip isn’t even.

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