Latest Tesla Software Update: Autopilot Changes, Successes, & Fails

Every time Tesla updates Autopilot, there are many pros, but it still fails often and freaks out when you may least expect it.

There’s no contesting the fact that Tesla updates its Autopilot driver-assist technology on a regular basis. Moreover, the best part is that it happens via over-the-air software updates. These incremental updates are working to prepare the car’s software for eventual Full Self-Driving capability. While we see many notable improvements with each update, there are still major issues. 

Dirty Tesla has a reputation for documenting Tesla software updates, and more specifically, performing detailed Autopilot tests to show the software changes, the technology’s improvements, and Autopilot fails and freakouts that people should remain aware of.

This latest video looks at changes related to Tesla Software Update 2020.28.5. There are definitely some updates most people will appreciate. For instance, as DirtyTesla puts it, Autopilot will now let you break the law. With Traffic Light and Stop Sign Control enabled, the Autosteer cruising speed on residential roads can now be set at 5 mph over the speed limit. Some people may be happy about this, but is it really a good idea?

In addition, there’s a new “Easy Entry” feature, which reportedly doesn’t work as advertised. And, you no longer have to confirm at green lights. More specifically, the car should progress through the green with no hesitation and no confirmation, all while displaying the green line on the touch screen. Some of this was part of the previous update. Several additions and enhancements have been made to what the screen displays and how it’s displayed.

As far as Autopilot is concerned, DirtyTesla shows his Model 3 doing a solid job of avoiding pedestrians, but almost running over some garbage in the road. There are many times the technology still fails or just seems to “freak out.” While we’re impressed with Autopilot as a whole, we still wonder how Tesla will be able to pull off Full Self-Driving capability any time soon.

We’d love to hear from all the Tesla owners here. What have you experienced with the newest updates? How do you feel about Tesla Autopilot? Are Full Self-Driving, robotaxis, and the Tesla ride-share network ever going to happen? Soon? Fill us in by leaving a comment.

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