Is McLaren Really Making An Electric Super SUV?

It’s been known in the automotive industry for probably close to two decades that in order to succeed, you need to make SUVs. Some manufacturers held off creating such a model for as long as they could, but now most have given in and are finally making their own, which given current industry trends is usually electric.

McLaren is the last car brand that you would expect to be making an SUV, since it traces its roots back to Formula 1 and the McLaren F1, neither of which have anything to do with going off-road. Yet given the fact that even more prestigious sports car brands like Ferrari or Aston Martin have jumped on the SUV bandwagon, it would today not be out of the question to see one come out of Woking.

Of the three sports car brands mentioned above, Lotus is really not wasting time and it has already shown the production version of the vehicle they think the market really wants – the Eletre electric SUV, which could best be described as a battery-powered Lamborghini Urus rival.

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McLaren CEO Mike Flewitt made it clear in late 2020 that the company he ran was not interested in building SUVs, pointing to the fact that it is too early in the brand’s history to really create a credible entrant in the segment. His view was that McLaren still needed to establish itself more as a maker of sports and supercars before moving to SUVs, but a new rumor would completely contradict that statement.

Autocar says one is being developed, but that it won’t arrive until around the year 2030. When it does debut it will be a BEV-only model, and the only tall model in the manufacturer’s lineup. However, even if it will be just the one model, McLaren is known for offering several often quite different variants based on the same basic vehicle, so even if that’s true, expect several power outputs and profiles.

The UK publication’s unnamed sources tell it that this model will cost the equivalent of over $420,000 (€402,000) and be called Aeron, not much else.

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