Incentives expected to drive EV market growth: MARii –

The recently tabled Budget 2022 saw a host of full duty exemptions for electric vehicles in Malaysia proposed, and these incentives rolled out directly to consumers are expected to drive demand and market excitement for the newly-broadened electric vehicle market in the country, the Malaysia Automotive, Robotics and IoT Institute (MARii) has said in a statement.

As the technical agency for the development of the automotive and mobility sector, the institute has been working to establish numerous Malaysian standards and regulations for electric vehicles, electric motorcycles as well as electric mopeds, it said.

According to the institute, these include standards for EV-specific components such as connectors and inlets, sockets, charging systems, testing standards for lithium-ion batteries, as well as standards to encourage practices such as battery swapping, wireless charging, recycling and disposal of batteries.

Through MARii, the Malaysian government has also formulated strategies for the development of homegrown technologies in the EV sector.

These include the manufacture and application of local batteries along with the development of battery and thermal management systems, feasibility studies for hydrogen fuel cell technology, the development of critical EV components, as well as the application of well-to-wheel emissions calculations for EVs, it added.

Together with the government and the industry, MARii has started the establishment of the Electric Vehicle Interoperability Centre (EVIC), a shared test centre for the development of electric vehicles and EV-related products and systems. Details of the EVIC will be released in the future through announcements by MARii or MITI, it said.

MARii has also identified – and are working with – car manufacturers and motorcycle assemblers, commercial vehicle builders, charging station providers and local component manufacturers for the various aspects required to develop a complete ecosystem for electric vehicles in the country, it added.

With the aforementioned exemption of duties for fully electric vehicles in Malaysia, the selection of electric vehicles on the market will be cheaper to purchase by varying margins; to see just how much difference this will make to the sticker prices, read on for some examples we’ve prepared here. Is this the tip over the edge you need to make the jump to buying a fully electric car?

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