In The CityQ Car-eBike, The Driver/Rider Is The Range Extender

It’s more like a car, in that it has four wheels, but then again those wheels are very clearly bicycle wheels.

Owning a full-size car may pose some problems for those who live in overly-crowded (and polluted) cities because they take up quite a lot of space on the road and in parking lots. And as congestion continues to rise, and as people start to practice social distancing, companies are trying to come up with some solutions and CitiQ (based in Oslo, Norway) thinks it is on to something with its aptly named Car-eBike.

As its name suggests, it’s a cross between a car and a bicycle. Firstly, it’s like a car because it has four wheels, doors, a cargo compartment, cruise control and you can even specify side windows so that it’s fully enclosed. But it’s also like an actual bike in that you have to pedal, although you do get assistance from an electric motor and all the cog swapping is taken care of electronically.

It’s worth noting, though, that when you pedal you’re not actually propelling the Car-eBike forward; you’re just generating electricity that is stored in its on-board battery pack. The electric motor that actually provides the motivation is not especially powerful, putting out some 250W of power, which is about as much as a fit human can muster and also the maximum allowed under EU laws.

The company behind the car/bike says it has a maximum range is estimated between 70 to 100 km (40 to 60 miles), but it’s not clear if you have to keep pedaling in order to achieve the range, or if this is just running on a fully charged battery pack without pedaling.

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According to Morten Rynning, the company’s founder,

‘ CityQ is an ebike with the comfort and technology of a car and with the benefits of a bicycle. You can cycle two children and luggage door to door without having to worry about bad weather, car traffic or parking issues. Nor do you have to worry about hassle with mechanical gears and chains – as these have been replaced with a software-managed drivetrain – like you find in electric cars. That is why we call CityQ a Car-eBike. ‘

CityQ is currently accepting pre-orders and expects to start delivering finished bikes sometime in 2021; the price will over €6,000 ($6,800), but the exact number has not been confirmed yet.

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