In-Depth Review Of Volkswagen ID.3 1ST By Autogefühl

The hardware responsible for the driving experience is outstanding, but the intuitiveness of buttons and software/infotainment is not.

Volkswagen ID.3 is the latest all-electric compact hatchback that soon will enter the European market. It’s supposed to make a huge splash, but will it be as big as in the case of the Volkswagen Golf in the ICE market? Let’s try to find out with Autogefühl.

The ID.3 has a similar size to the Golf, but it has a longer wheelbase and offers much more space inside. The styling is quite unique, especially the front.

Autogefühl notes that the early unit of launch edition 1ST has high build quality, although at least some materials (like door plastic) should be better, especially in the higher trim version.

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The first major weak point of the ID.3 seems to be the new implementation of the control functions, like mirrors in the doors, capacitive buttons on the steering wheel and infotainment.

According to Autogefühl, Volkswagen really messed up some things. It’s “too complicated” and “not intuitive at all”. You can figure out how it works in a parking lot, but it’s not great to use while driving.

We don’t expect Volkswagen to change the buttons or infotainment much, so it seems that at least in the first generation of ID.3, the German company will be far behind Tesla or Polestar.

The question here is how other brands – SEAT/Cupra and Skoda will deal with it. Those brands now have a chance to offer something better in their versions.

Volkswagen ID.3 (2020)

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But the in-depth review is not only complaints. The ID.3 is a solid car and its true advantage lies in hardware.

Volkswagen ID.3 1ST has great sound insulation, acceleration is more than enough, the entire driving experience is superb, fun, kind of sports car-like as it’s very agile with precise steering.

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