In 2020-2025 SEAT Will Invest €5 Billion In R&D And Electrification

Huge investments allow the introduction of more all-electric and plug-in hybrid models in a short timeframe.

SEAT (part of the Volkswagen Group) announced that between 2020 and 2025 its investments in R&D projects to develop new models and in new equipment/facilities, including electrification of the lineup, will amount to €5 billion ($5.7 billion). That’s a significant budget, especially compared to over €3 billion in the previous period.

The Spanish company recently announced the Cupra el-Born model (a performance sibling to the SEAT el-Born and Volkswagen ID.3), which will be produced in Zwickau, Germany and available on the market from 2021.

SEAT el-Born

Cupra el-Born

Cupra el-Born specs:

Together with SEAT Mii electric, it will be the third all-electric model from the Spanish SEAT/Cupra brands.

The company is also expanding its plug-in hybrid lineup with SUVs and hatchbacks:

Having several plug-in models from basically none just a few years ago, sounds like a major step forward. In the next several years SEAT/Cupra is expected to electrify majority of its lineup, following Volkswagen push into electrification.

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