GreenFlag are offering thousands of free car checks to boost safety – secure yours today

Thousands of owners will benefit from the check which will highlight any critical errors a vehicle may have picked up during the shutdown. The car checks will cover everything from your vehicle’s oil and water level to bodywork condition, lights and braking.

The check could prevent drivers from picking up heavy fines for driving with a vehicle in a dangerous condition as tyre pressures and tread depths will also be checked. 

Battery health will also be assessed after fears many could have seized after not being used during lockdown. 

The health check is available to all drovers and not just those who are already GreenFlag customers in a bid to help boost road safety. 

However, only one test will be provided to each household up until the 30th September when the scheme closes. 

GreenFlag says the offer is only for a vehicle check and road users will be solely responsible for any repairs highlighted by mechanics. 

Mark Newberry, Commercial Director at GreenFlag said it was “important” to extend the service to all drivers to ensure the firm was playing their part in keeping drivers safe. 

He revealed the tests were being offered free of charge to ensure the nation was “safe and protected” as they returned to the road

However, he warned leaving vehicles idle during the shutdown could have been “detrimental to the battery and other parts”. 

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Mr Newberry said: “We’re pleased to be able offer these free Vehicle Health Checks. Having provided this to our customers in the first instance, it was important for us to extend this service making it accessible for all. 

“Green Flag want to make sure it is playing its part to help drivers feel as safe as possible as they look to get back behind the wheel, and it builds on the work we have done supporting the NHS during COVID-19 keeping them safe with free Rescues.

“The Covid-19 lockdown has meant many vehicles that would have otherwise been running every day, have been used very little, if at all. 

“This can be extremely detrimental to the battery and other parts of the vehicle, that’s why we’re offering this service free of charge – we want to ensure the nation is safe and protected as we look to move into this next phase of normality.” 

To secure a free check, motorists need to simply visit website and enter their postcode details. 

They can then select a participating garage and then must enter some personal details and vehicle information. 

Last month, GreenFlag teamed up with road safety experts Brake to warn motorists to conduct regular checks of their vehicle in the run up to returning to the road. 

They warned drivers should conduct regular “walk-round” checks of their vehicle at least once a week or before a long journey to check it is safe for road use. 

They found at least one fifth of all drivers have knowingly driving a vehicle which was considered to be in an unroadworthy condition.

Shockingly, this increased to more than a third of 18-34 year olds despite these being the most inexperienced on the road. 

Experts warn drivers found at the wheel of a car considered to have a dangerous defect could be issued severe penalties. 

Drivers who are caught could be hit with a £2,500 fine and up to three penalty points on their driving licence but this could increase in severe cases. 

Joshua Harris, director of campaigns for Brake said: “With the coronavirus MOT exemption delaying tests, checking the safety of your vehicle has never been more important. 

“We urge all drivers to perform regular ‘walk-round’ checks of their vehicle, once a week and before any long journeys – it is a couple of minutes which could be the difference between life and death. 

“If you have any suspicion at all that something is not right with your car, do not drive it and consult a professional.”

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