Gran Turismo Partners With Getty Images for Virtual Motorsport Photography

Renowned photographic press agency Getty Images has announced a partnership with Polyphony Digital to provide motorsport photography services to the digital realm.

Getty’s specialist motorsport photographers will capture images from within Gran Turismo Sport — and perhaps Gran Turismo 7 in the future — and publish them via its global distribution network. This should bring the possibilities of virtual motorsport to a much wider audience, including wider brands and media outlets who source imagery from Getty Images.

This partnership is an extension of a project we’ve actually already seen. Getty has provided this service throughout the 2019 FIA Online Championship World Tour season, with stills images from events at the Nurburgring, New York, Salzburg, Tokyo and Monaco. It continued in the early part of this year too, with Getty’s photographers capturing in-game views at the Sydney World Tour event.

In addition to the live events, Getty Images will also take shots from the online events such as the Top 16 Superstars broadcasts. This will also show off some of the inventive liveries that players can come up, and the possibilities of the game’s livery editor function.

Ken Mainardis, global head of content at Getty Images, said:

“This partnership with Polyphony Digital signifies the next phase of sport photography and the true growth that is occurring across the esports landscape. Getty Images has long been at the forefront of innovating through its sport photography and by creating in-game imagery with expert motorsport photographers, Getty Images is staying ahead of the curve to deliver premium esports content to our customers around the world.”

You can see some of the images as captured by the photographers on the official Getty Images site, including photographs from World Tour events and recent Top 16 races.

Featured image via Clive Rose, Gran Turismo/Getty Images

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