Get Practical With Radio Flyer's Folding Cargo Electric Bike

You may be familiar with Radio Flyer as the manufacturer of those little red wagons you had when you were a kid. Now, much like its users, Radio Flyer as a company has matured into more practical and sensible means of mobility. I’m talking about e-bikes, and just like its little red wagons, Radio Flyer’s e-bike offerings are loaded with charm.

The brand recently released a new bike focused on utility and practicality, and it’s simply called the Folding Cargo E-Bike. Sure, its name may sound rather generic, and the truth is it caters to a pretty generic need for a lot of urban commuters and city-dwellers. The folding frame of the e-bike, which comes in four colors including black, white, red, and green, is the lightest one produced by the manufacturer to date. As a result, it is very transportable and simple to ride. Additionally, this bike is built to function as a cargo bike. Its 24-kilogram weight is therefore quite remarkable.

The new Flyer cargo bike is small enough to fit in the trunk of your car, under your desk, or be transported by bus or train. Its folded dimensions are just 90 x 55.8 x 80 centimeters. Performance-wise, the 350W brushless hub motor is powered by a 48V/10Ah/480Wh battery pack, which offers up to 40 miles of range per charge. The battery needs to be recharged for up to seven hours. The thumb throttle and five-level pedal assist system on the Flyer Cargo e-bike include a cadence sensor, providing a much more natural-feeling pedal assist. For the purpose of complying with e-bike laws, the speed is restricted to 20 miles per hour.

The e-bike from Radio Flyer has 20 X 2.1-inch tires and Tektro mechanical disc brakes. There are many cargo options available to increase the bike’s usability, including a storage basket and a specialized child and luggage carrier for the back that allows you to transport up to 36 kilograms of additional cargo. Orders for the Flyer Folding Cargo E-Bike can be placed for a starting price of $1,700. If purchased now, the bike can be delivered as early as November 2022.

Sources: Autoevolution, Electrek, Radio Flyer

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