General Motors Is Mulling The Creation Of A Smaller GMC Hummer EV

General Motors reportedly wants to do more with its Hummer brand. It is currently used on the GMC Hummer EV SUV and pickup models, but according to a new report, GM may be looking to expand the range of Hummer-badged models with a considerably smaller midsize pickup.

For reference, weighing over 9,000 pounds, the GMC Hummer EV pickup (pictured) has the same footprint as a heavy-duty truck (at least in terms of overall width). It’s also really expensive (it currently starts at just over $110,000) and also impractical for many potential buyers who may otherwise be tempted to own something with a Hummer badge.

According to Automotive News, GM already has a design concept proposal ready in its California design studio, and the likelihood if it going through and becoming a production model is reportedly very high. The automaker wants to use the notoriety of the Hummer brand to allow it to sell more expensive vehicles, basically a rugged, off-road equivalent to Cadillac, the group’s most luxury-focused brand.

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GM has said it wants to spend $35-billion to have 30 new EVs on the market and since a midsize Hummer pickup would fetch a premium compared to similar offerings from Chevrolet or GMC, it is surely a priority project for the manufacturer.

The Hummer brand, which GM acquired from AM General in 1999, ended up having a very poor image by the time it was cancelled in 2010 – nobody was buying anything that said Hummer back then as buyers were looking for more efficient vehicles. But Hummer was revived in 2021 as a premium electric off-road brand under GMC, and it seems that the rebranding worked and now people no longer associate it with gas-guzzlers of old.

If GMC gave this project the green light, it’s unclear how big the vehicle would be. The GMC Hummer EV is wider yet shorter than a double cab GMC Sierra – its overall length is roughly in line with a Rivian R1T. It would certainly be a narrower vehicle, probably the exact size of the Sierra or maybe even smaller, possibly the size of a GMC Canyon, especially if GMC wants to sell it outside the US too, as is speculated in the source article.

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