Fully Charged Tests SEAT Mii, One Of Europe’s Cheapest City EVs

Check out this review of the Mii, which now is only available as an EV, to see if it’s any good.

You can buy three different versions of the electric Volkswagen Up!, since it’s also available as the Skoda Citigo and SEAT Mii. The differences between all these cars are minor, so the fact that the Seat is the most affordable probably makes it the one to pick out of all three – it starts at €20,650 ($22,820) before incentives.

In fact, SEAT no longer makes gasoline-burning versions of the Mii, so the only one you can buy now is the Mii Electric. It has a 36.8 kWh battery pack, a claimed WLTP range of 259 km (160 miles), fast charging capability at up to 40 kW, and enough power to zip around town.

The Mii Electric was recently reviewed by the Fully Charged show’s Robert Llewellyn who actually appreciated its simplicity. He points out that even though it doesn’t have many of the gadgets that are common on new (and more expensive) cars, the fact that it’s not complicated is actually a good thing.

It’s probably one of the only electric vehicles where you actually have to put a physical key into an ignition and turn that key to start it up. So it’s definitely not the kind of car you buy to make yourself feel better, but it is great at getting you where you need to go in and around town.

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